Saturday, June 30, 2012

Preparing for Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Dah lamanya tak menulis di 'JALAN' ni..
Habuk sangat dah ni, bersin-bersin dah nak menulis.

Kenapa nak sangat menulis balik ni setelah sekian lama wahai Farah Wahida?

Tahu tak perasaan apabila perasaan kita tertahan dan tak diluahkan.. I have it alot most of the time as i dont know how to express myself most of the time. TETTT~

Actually what's more in my mind is that, Allah The All Knowing had implanted some ideas or fikrah that i think i should spread it, however i usually suppress it, thinking that im not the person to tell people. again tett~ 

That's excuses. What ever the reason, the MAIN MOST IMPORTANT reason is for HIM and only HIM to see that by this way i am appreciating all HIS nikmat (gifts). That's going to produce istiqamah, insyaAllah :)

Talking about istiqamah, i just made a poster what i want to have inside me after this summer. What i want this summer to change me...

huhu. i am not a pro so this is what i could only manage, as long it sends out my message. hope so. 

Farah Wahida, even you make a poster, it doesn't ensures you'll change. What's more important is you yourself.. 

Know that.. You know, i just watched a video that really knocks me not that hard but take me softly inside.. (T.T) insaf~

To attend an OSEM race, you have to start the preparations early. You can't jump into a race without preparations, you'll get shocked. Your muscle will suddenly feel pain (due to muscle cramps) and what you're only able to do is walk slowly through out the race. 

Now, you don't want to move slowly in this race rite? Its gonna be too bad because HE has prepared for you many gifts and vouchers through out the course for those who wants to grab it. We can't grab much if we walk too slow. Haha.. I bet you got the point heart as you watched the video. InsyaAllah, pray, cleanse your heart this Sya'aban and you'll enter Ramadhan with His bless and graduate with taqwa.. InsyaAllah! 

Allahumma bariklana fi rajab wa sya'ban, wa balighna ramadhan~

actually intended to write about what happens today, but eventually Ramadhan attracts my heart more. Allah let me be your humble servant and patience be my characters. Let me be pleased with anything you give me on this 'Ardhul Kinanah'... Allah. Allah. Allah~