Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday gifts


yeay. alhamdulillah for da first tyme im gonna compile what's in my thought and publish them to let others see it.
(i've been blogging since a long tyme-in my diaries which i have more than 5)

dis blog is a birthday present from my dearest kak diba. (loVe her SOoo Much!). she spend her resting tyme after 3 straight tests for dis blog and i'll make sure i won't waste it.

mish her presence, her car's smell and musics in it every time she visits.
 beside dis blog, i also had other presents (not as many as last year but precious):

abah's sweet chocolate love
dini + lynn's, slippers+cotton clothes from beloved makcik

presents are pretty and make u feel very happy but its da tots dat count and im thankful for all (unexpected) wishes i got. Alhamdulillah im !* now n aim to be more responsible n reliable, insyaAllah.

                                     Allah~ Give me strength as im ur weak servant~


  1. ouh, akak tak kasi fawie hadiah. :( takper, as long akak ingat farah punya birthday, that's all that matters. :D

  2. yup.true2. wish akak harituh sgt mengharukn. :DD