Saturday, December 24, 2011


Jazakallahu khaira... Allah membalas kebaikan kepadamu..

Drpd Usamah Bin Zaid RA,

"Dan siapa yang menerima budi orang,lalu setelah dia tidak mampu membalasnya, berkatalah orang yang menerima kebaikan tersebut,Jazakallahu khaira, Tuhan jualah yang membalas kebaikan kepadamu dunia dan akhirat, maka dia telah membalas budi tersebut dengan sepenuh-penuhnya."

HR at-Tarmizi

i smiled happily at having the chance to open this video shared by a sister. because today, i felt so blessed..

Study group, taught me to be patient, and focus and whatever i do, they love me. and it blooms our love for each other, a support system that i greatly cherished, a gift im greatly thankful. Secretly, it relieves my ego and save me from that feeling of high-mighty.

Housemates that understand my absence. Cooked breakfast and as i got home, the delicious smell of food lingers~

Sisters that always constantly reminding me that this world is only a borrowed place given by Allah with His love as to let me take as much supplies to take to the Hereafter. A while ago, i followed Ili to go her dearies' house. Alhandulillah, all praise and thankful to Allah that moved my heart to follow her, i felt that im the one being 'tanfis' cleaned at heart with reminders. Alhamdulillah, those gurls very well understood the purpose of their life, why we should study? Stduying is only a way to get near to Him as many ways as others, but due to amanah, this taklifan must be our main priority, but dakwah is never second.

I also got a message that melts my heart,

salam dear love

Alhamdulillah sem ni berjalan lancar walaupun ada beberapa hal yang menjadi batu penghalang.
+ dengan final year project yang buat semua student utm tak tido 3 minggu ( ok ini over exaggerated )
dan walaupun semua markah jatuh tersungkur
namun tidak mengapa. i believe in Allah

InsyaAllah next sem kakdiba intern.
doakan kakdiba ye fara

kakdiba berdoa agar kita dapat bertemu sekali lagi tahun hadapan.
since tahun ni dapat jumpa sekali je.
kakdiba rindu fara sangat2. rindu kerana Allah.

jage diri baik2 dekat sana. jaga iman.
saling berpesan2 kpd kebaikan dgn kawan2 lain ye syg.

i blew my love through the wind

I got home, and guess what??

I LOVE YOU IZZA NADZMI. i felt grateful,though with your silence, im still in your heart. Allah please let this sweet girl be one of your strong soldiers in bringing back Your deen. insyaAllah, amiin~

Jazakillahu khaira~ He gave me these, without His will, i wont even able to breath, to taste the cake or even think, these are nikmah...

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah...

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