Friday, June 17, 2011

Aja-aja! (Exam mode)

"Everyone is fighting their own battle. To be free from the past, to live in their present, and to create their future. So be nice, and have heart."

" Raise your words, not your voice. Never show your anger. After all, it is rain which grows up leaves, not thunder. "

" Tawakkal is like standing in front of the Red Sea as Prophet Musa did, - with an army behind you, and not even flinching, knowing that Allah will get you through. It is also like having full faith that when Allah takes away the umbilical cord, He will replace it with milk. "

" Be a hand that reaches out. Be a smile for those who have no reason to smile. Be a light for those who live in darkness. Show them what it means to truly care and love. "

:) Yusahhil rabbuna. Praktikal exam 19/6/11: 8.30 am 


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