Saturday, July 23, 2011

El Mowasah Hospital

Salam ya gama'a.. :)
Alhamdulillah.. diberi kesempatan oleh Ilahi sekali lagi bagiku untuk menaipkan rasa hati yang terilham daripada-Nya jua.. 

Erm.. Pejam celik. Pejam celik. Dalam kurang daripada sebulan lagi aku akan menamatkan pengajian di tahun satuku. Betul kata ummi, kejap jer 6 tahun kak farah pergi belajar nih, pejam celik, pejam celik dah habis belajar. Lepas tuh kahwin. :)

Tapi pastinya aku mahukan sepanjang 'pejam celikku' itu bukan yang sia-sia, bukan yang aku dapat gelap sekejap apabila aku pejam dan bukan cerah sekejap apabila kucelikkan mata saban hari. Moga-moga, dalam hari-hariku ada saham yang boleh kupersembahkan kepada Tuhanku nanti di akhirat kelak. Mohon ya Allah akan rahmat dan inayah-Mu!

Dan pastinya, anda-anda sekalian nak terfikir bagaimana keadaan Uni Alex tempat saya menuntut selama ini? Nak tahu sejarah dier tak? Begini...

El Mowasah Hospital

After the ministry of Finance has refused its usage as a hospital, the Mowasah hospital was handed closed and hopeless to be reused. Thus a plan was set to use it as an educational institue in addition to professional medical centers as Kidney surger, ICU and bone marrow transplant.

In October 2008, the actual handing out of the hospital took place and work started according to the plan set in February 2009. The reconstruction and preparation finished in February of 2009.

Project Description:
Having decided to include Al Mowasah Hospital to the university hospitals it was decided to use the hospital in two parts, educational and therapeutic. With respect to the educational aspect, the building consists of six floors (ground floor and five upper) , the plan was developed, developing and restructuring this building to have the 8 sections of the Academy of Medical Complex be moved - sand plant to the compound of sympathy and posts are the "physiology, anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, parasitology, Microbiology, Histology"
 It is worth mentioning that this compound is an extension of the educational complex medical college where they will take in at least 3500 students, the first three years and at least 700 faculty and assistance services and the compound of the seven strips and large room, each of the three hundred students equipped with the latest educational media and means of training also includes 12 classrooms of the mini-groups of students and nine laboratories for practical training in addition to the four morgues educational and three museums and academic labs for the computer.

Feasibility of the Project:
Because the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, one of the largest colleges and scientific process in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the students had come to Alexandria School of Medicine in large numbers from different governorates in addition to students from the Governor of Alexandria This led to increased numbers of students and faculty so faculty members, which led to a build numbers in a big way and remarkable faculty, and thus its impact congestion on the learning process within the Faculty in terms of small terraces, labs, lack of rooms and places are adequate for the faculty members and compared the numbers of students, and also affected the complex medical management of this overcrowding, So the idea of expansion in new facilities is a prerequisite and inevitable in order to keep up with increasing student college.And that the expansion of the educational complex of condolences was also to apply the quality standards of education and the provision of new places, according to quality standards.

Muslimah doctors saviors of the ummah insyaAllah. 
Its not as pretty as it sounds but overall im thankful for having the chance to islah myself here. alhamdulillah.

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